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Wheeler heights House gets approved DA
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North Curl Curl house nearing completion
This innovative house employing passive solar technology is being built at the moment  - see photos on the 'Projects' page


This house was designed while I was contracted to provide architectural services at futurespace architects. The site was a narrow block of land on the south side of the escarpment at Clontarf NSW - facing back towards Middle Harbour with views across to Mosman and Chinamans Beach. A natural gully fell steeply away across the western side of the site.  An existing 1940's brick house was demolished and the clients, a retired couple, requested a low maintenance house with separate room for their adult children (and their own children) to stay when visiting. The resulting two storey design has a garage halfway between the two levels cantilevering out over the gully, with the upper level being the clients main residence, the lower level given over as a separate visitors space. The views are to the south, but the sun is to the north, so the roof allows highlight windows to gather northern sun, while the 'service areas' (Kitchen and W.C.) act to block main living areas from the street and so provide visual privacy.

110714115945_Clontarf_Plans_Final 110714115945_Clontarf_Elevations_Final 110714115923_IMG_1545
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