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Wheeler heights House gets approved DA
A new project has been added to the projects page

North Curl Curl house nearing completion
This innovative house employing passive solar technology is being built at the moment  - see photos on the 'Projects' page

With the introduction of the State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) on Exempt and Complying Development, it is now possible (dependent on your site) to build a new Granny Flat in your backyard without having to gain Council Approval. As long as the proposed Granny Flat meets the SEPP requirements and is under 60m2, a Private Certifier can approve construction in under two weeks. The attached images show the design for a Granny Flat that incorporates sustainable technology such as rainwater tanks and solar panels and can be positioned to gain the best solar orientation and also meets all the SEPP requirements for a complying Development. It has been designed to be adaptable - the same Granny flat can be built as a 1 bedroom or a 2 bedroom layout. With this design it is possible to convert from a 1 bedroom to a 2 bedroom scheme (or vice versa) with a minimum of fuss. A Granny Flat doesn't have to be staid and boring and doesn't have to be for Granny's - they can be used for rental accommodation, a studio, a workshop or a teen (or parent) retreat.