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North Curl Curl house nearing completion
This innovative house employing passive solar technology is being built at the moment  - see photos on the 'Projects' page


This is the design for a new house on a narrow block at North Curl Curl. The clients live in the current house which is quite dark as the immediate neighbour to the north is a two story brick house with 6.5m walls 1m away from the boundary. The clients wanted the new house to have as much natural light as well as utilizing solar power and water recycling systems.The house has been designed as two pavilions joined by a double height dining room space. The front pavilion facing the street comprises the entry, garage, bathroom, stairs and bedroom spaces. The rear pavilion facing the backyard comprises a two storey living area with an upper 'winter' living room to catch the winter sun, and a lower 'summer' living room shaded from the sun and adjacent to a new pool. A string of highlight windows run the length of the two pavilions  to 'scoop'; as much light as possible into the new house as well as to provide usable spaces for a family with two small children. The house has provision for solar panels, but incorporates them into the fabric of the house rather than being an ugly add-on placed on the roof creating additional over-shadowing concerns for the neighbours. The design shows that even in unpromising circumstances, it is possible to create a house that benefits from natural light and ventilation whatever the site. The project is currently under construction.